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    I fell in love with antiques and the romance of it all since childhood. Anything old and intriguing fascinated me!  My love of the south's antebellum and plantation homes came from my parents who visited them frequently on the weekends, the tours were amazing and filled with answers about the history of odd and curious inventions of the past, and primitive items that served their purposes.  I quickly became aware of the craftsmanship and difference in old and new items.  Glass was uniquely and artfully celebrated, workmanship was accompanied with design and function.  People took pride and invested personal time in making items.  Often, out of necessity, things were made from materials that would not want to go to waste and bore a design that only the past delivers.  It began a quest for more knowledge of such!
  Mrs. Brenda DeLaune Brown is the owner and operator of Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts in Walker, LA
  The Story Line of Genavieve & H.B.

There is always more to a piece than meets the eye! Follow the story of Genavieve & H.B. as it romantically unfolds. View and purchase similar pieces that are featured in the stories!

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As a child I also would marvel at my grandparents homes. My Grandpa Paul had his farm yards so organized in such a simple primitive way.  I picked eggs with him, which he sold sometimes.  He put away vegetables he grew, had cows and chickens, and a deep well that was later filled in.  I grew up in Baton Rouge and when it was time to "go to the country", I planned what I would do , while my dad drove to "Prarieville" near Gonzales, which is now very much a city.  There was the visit to the "corncrib", the chicken house, and the sheds and all the outer houses on the property. I loved the rows and rows of neat jars of preserves and "put up" vegetables, pickles on handmade shelves, the scale hanging next to a wavery glass window pane and the ringer washing machine.  My cousins and I would "play store". My cousin Jane really loved his jarred okra!  I loved their biscuits, tucked in a sackcloth dishtowel, under the heavy lid of the refrigerator dish, awaiting our visits and served with good strong coffee made in heavy graniteware coffee pots. My Grandpa would make the kids "coffee milk" (cafe' au lait).  My grandmother saved all her sackcloth material, never wasting a thing.  If it was worn out, she cut away and salvaged the ''good parts" and "made do", using them to embroider upon, making a beautiful thing of what could have been discarded! They were early primitive entrepreneurs, born out of "going through the depression era" Living a practical life on a farm! My parents opted for the city, and I loved the contrasts between the two lifestyles.
I dabbled in the selling and buying of antiques for years before I grasped the opportunity to be the owner and operator of Kindred Hearts Antiques and Gifts.  For the last 10 years it has been a joy to share unique finds and vintage and antique quality items with my clients , as well as others with a desire to do the same!  The shops vendors are all so "Kindred" and have unique talents. We love to have Seasonal Open Houses, taking every chance to share info and celebrate things of old!
Our shop offers a myriad of items from A (Antique) to Z (Zany!)  Ten rooms and areas of beautiful one of a kind finds arranged in ever-changing and attractive vignettes.  The atmosphere is also unique, a story unfolds in every turn of it's present location,this old vintage home from the 30's.  Our prices are very attractive and you are sure to find something of interest in every visit.  We strive to keep an assortment of high quality and desirable items, big and small, all affordable in its category.  It will recapture memories of your own and allow you to take it home with you forever.
There is an almost hidden storyline through out the store. Items almost can tell their own stories, and makes one wonder what they could tell us if they could talk!  Long ago, an "imaginative lady of old" somehow named "Genavieve" became my story character and it dictated all of my displays arranged and rearranged every week inside an old travel case.  As the story unfolded in my mind, with each new item I would add, a look began to take shape indicative of "Kindred Hearts"!  I would watch as my clients would go back to that travel case each visit to see what was new.  It would almost secretly whisper the storyline of a ladies travels and day to day life of the 18th century to the early 1900's.  Later the male counterpart of the story began, as I had found an old suitcase with the initials of "H.B.S.", and "H.B" became "Genavieve's" partner!  You can read of the unfolding story of H.B. and Genavieve online soon!

I have been truly blessed to do what I love doing!

You Best Buy Is Vintage!  Repurpose!  Never question yourself why you like an old thing.  Let it continue to speak to your heart about its past and its former purpose.  Let it take its place in your present, perhaps repurposed as something else, as it connects you also to it's history!  That has a character that mass produced modern pieces can not provide!

An often asked question:   "Where do you find all your stuff?"   One answer:  "It finds me!" ......We aquire our uniqueness from everywhere!


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Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda
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Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda
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