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Genavieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being written by Brenda DeLaune Brown. See the special pieces here.
A featured story piece from the love story of Genevieve and H.B.!
Here is a great old photograph of what our lady Genavieve may have looked like. As you stroll through our store, you may see many items that fit the Story Line Of H.B. and Genavieve!
Lithograph framed in old oak
1800's~Early 1900's
  There is an almost hidden storyline through out the store. Items almost can tell their own stories, and makes one wonder what they could tell us if they could talk!  Long ago, an "imaginative lady of old" somehow named "Genavieve" became my story character and it inspired all of my displays arranged and rearranged every week inside an old travel case.  As the story unfolded in my mind, with each new item I would add, a look began to take shape indicative of "Kindred Hearts"!  I would watch as my clients would go back to that travel case each visit to see what was new.  It would almost secretly whisper the storyline of a ladies travels and day to day life of the 1800's to the early 1900's.  Later the male counterpart of the story began, as I had found an old suitcase with the initials of "H.B.S.", and "HB" became "Genavieve's" partner! His suitcase would have travel items and objects he had gathered from his trips to find wealth! You can read of the unfolding story of H.B. and Genavieve through our blog!
Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda

...An Excerpt From The Love Story of Genavieve & H.B.

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...It was a perfect day, the bustling wind evoked energy and was just enough to clear the air of the musty smells and fumes of the trains busily running in and out of the station.  Genavieve held on to her hat and clutched her travel case of belongings and umbrella, so painstakingly selected for her short trip that morning. She hoped her "look" was in tact as she shuffled through the crowds.  Sitting upon the wood and iron seats, she waited.  Pulling out her mirror, inspecting every detail of her hairline and hat, collar and pin, smile and expression, she imagined what H.B. would see as he glanced at her appearance.  It had been a very long while since they had met.  With what she felt was a God given approval, she remembered their first eye contact. Looking into his brown eyes flecked with gold and green, and unique face was like viewing the sunrise in an unchartered land never visited before, beckoning her to take the step into that journey.  The whirling sounds and hisses of the railroad station faded as her memory recalled  e v e r y   d e t a i l . . ..

Featured Story Pieces
Various antique and vintage train items

Vintage Trains

Various antique and vintage train and vintage travel items

Vintage hats of all styles and ages

Vintage Hats, bags and apparell

Status: Everchanging!
Price: Varies

Vintage travel cases and luggage

Travel Cases and Vintage Luggage and Gloves

Status: for sale!
Price: prices and selections vary

Vintage Umbrellas and halltrees

Vintage Umbrellas

Status: for sale!
Price: Price and selection varies

Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda
Quality Antique and Vintage Furniture

Antique Benches, settees, and Parlar Sets, Furniture of All Styles and Origins

Price: styles and prices vary

Vintage compacts, dresser items and wallmounted mirrors

Vanity Items

Status: Endless selections!!
Price: $4.75 ~149.75

Various Brooches and Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry and Estate Finds

Status: Vast selections!
Price: Various styles and prices

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Many Paintings!

Status: Rotating Selections!
Price: Framed and unframed prints vary in price

Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda
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Genevieve & H.B. is a beautiful love story that is being told by Kindred Hearts' Mrs. Brenda
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